The Test Of A Sissy

You will be tested. Together, you and I will explore firsthand if your training has elicited the results I look for in my program. Once you pass through those doors, you will relinquish all control to me. You will become nothing more than an object of mine. Your job is simple: absolute subjugation to me.

Your experience will be raw, it will be visceral, and it will be real. This I promise you, sissy. You will surrender to my will. You’ll find me toying with your mind and soul. I will know your truth, sissy. I will find out just how dedicated you are to my cause.

You will come willingly, my sweet Samantha, but rest assured you will not leave the same. I will take you to the edge of your limits where you will teeter. There, you will find a new dimension of surrender, a place so few experience, a place where you will find your true purpose.

I won’t break you. To the contrary me dear sissy, you will bend to my will. You will serve me as your Master for all eternity. The fear and trepidation you feel welling inside you will dissipate beneath me, for I am your guardian, your Master. Hear my name inside that pretty little head of yours, sissy. Say it aloud for me. Good girl.

Rest assured I cannot be compromised by your charm. Your beauty and wit will buy you no mercy or quarter here. I am under no spell, and your charming good looks will only further my resolve to conquer you.

Your focus will be solely on me. I will require your full and complete submission as my sissy. I will teach you what is acceptable, and what is not, in a way you have never experienced. You will govern yourself accordingly in my presence while learning how to belong to another in absolution while fully liberated at heart.

Once we are through, you will be able to take anything I demand of you. You will find the truest, happiest, and most fulfilling place for you is beneath me in a life of absolute submission.

It is now your turn to take that first step, Samantha. Walk through those doors and accept your fate. Step through the rubicon and into your new destiny. I will give you what you desire most. I will show you your true self.

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