I Know Your Secret

You think you’re hiding your gaze towards me, but I can see the lust in your eyes.  It’s that primal hunger deep within you, that part which see’s something provocative, scandalous, enticing.  You want it, you’re trying to hide it right now in fact, but I know. 

I notice when you stare at me just a moment too long, or when you watch me from the corner of your eye.  You want me.  You may not even understand why, but you do.  The bulge I see in your crotch betrays you.  You can try all you want to hide your true self, but I know.

You’ll laugh and crack jokes with your friends about me.  You’ll even share that weird pictures of me you found on the internet with them, but it’s really just so you can get one more look of me.  You’ve probably even saved a few of your favorite just so you can relieve the tension building within you when we’re not together.  You’ll tell everyone you’re straight, especially your wife, but I know.

I know you want me.  You dream of seeing me dressed for you, just the two of us together, alone.  You’d love nothing more than to feel the cool, silken satin of my dress.  You’d be delighted to slip your hands beneath my bouncing petticoat and feel the secret hidden beneath.  You’ll tell yourself it’s okay to feel this way since I look the way I do, but I know.

I’ll do things for you real girls wont. I’ll kneel before you and beg.  I’ll plead, grovel even for a chance to suck you, to grant me the privilege of worshiping you.  You won’t be my boyfriend, fiancé, or husband.  Those pronouns don’t work for us.  You’re Daddy to me.  You’ll protect me, guide me, and use me when we’re together.  You train me to become that which you lust for most.  For you, I am a fantasy fulfilled. I am your dream girl.

You’ll keep it modest and cordial at first, but soon that primal part of your brain will take over as your gaze narrows.  A simple flash of my ruffled satin panties is all it takes to send you over the precipice of no return as you pull me into your embrace for a french kiss with lustful, unyielding passion.  Your hands greedily groping and caressing my every curve, fondling the chaste bulge hidden beneath satin and lace. A bulge you yearn for. I am the taboo you desire. I am the girl you wish you could call wifey.

Your sex, hard and significant, grinds against my body with unbridled lust.  We are beyond the point of no return as your demeanor changes.  We both know you cannot stop yourself, not until you have accomplished your primal mission will the heat subside.  Yes, you will breed me.  You will bury your cock deep within me, thrusting again and again as my moans and squeals of delight send you into a crescendo of passionate heat.

Oh how you wish this could be your life. Fucking me, your sissy wife, over and over. Day after day you dream of such. You know you want it, but society tells you it’s not possible. What would your family say, your friends, or coworkers? Would they be secretly jealous too, or disgusted?

There’s only one way to know as you cum. Your vigorous thrusts filling me with hot, thick, sticky cum. So much more than your wife ever received from you. Your seed is now part of me. A prize you have so graciously bequeathed to me, in me.

But as we lay on the bed after our passionate session, I still want more. I always want more of you, Daddy. Your wife never sucked your cock after cumming in her, but I do. Nothing goes to waste with me. You didn’t know it was possible for you to cum again so quickly, yet here I am with one load in my pussy, and another in my tummy.

Your body is spent and too tired to leave me for the night. You’re welcome. We both fall asleep with my head resting on your chest. You know you should have left as soon as you came in me. Your wife has been suspicious for months now, but I don’t care. Fuck her? No, it’s me you fuck now.

In the morning you’ll go home with my image seared into your mind as the evenings events play over again and again. But despite your best efforts, one thing will always remain. Me. You want me. You need me. Despite what the more rational side of your brain is telling you, you still continue to message me for that much needed relief. I scratch the itch no one else can. Only I can make you cum harder than any woman ever has, and you love it. You love me.

Your wife looks at you differently now. She knows you’re a cheater, but she can’t yet bring herself to leave you. Sex with her is so… vanilla now. It’s nothing like what we have, Daddy, and deep down, you know it. You need me, you want me, you crave me. Deep down you know you’re going to propose to and marry me. But for now, I’m still just your dirty little secret.


  1. Petra
    7 July 2023

    Oh my, but it is getting warm in here….

    Your prose meets the promise of your fashion sense. So much to admire and anticipate here.

    respectfully , P

  2. Anotherthrowawa1887
    9 July 2023

    You certainly know how to write. This made me so incredibly hard — just thinking of how realistic this is. The urge that I have to make you mine is truly unmatched. Your photos take my breath away & just a moment or two with you would be a lifetime dream.


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