BDSM Contract

I’m not ready to post our full contract at this time, but I do want to share one small piece of it.

As part of our contract, I am allowed to request two orgasms per calendar year. However, doing so can be quite the ordeal, and I have been denied in the past more than once for not following all the rules. I’ll be sure to share the next one I write here!

Note: Sissy Period refers to the time the Mistress is on her monthly cycle plus one day after hers ends.

Sissy Orgasm Request Guidelines


During one calendar year, the sissy is permitted the request of two orgasms. The sissy must follow the guidelines outlined below in their entirety for such a request to be considered and approved. Any deviation from these guidelines will result in an immediate dismissal from the Mistress.

Upon receiving the letter, Mistress is allowed up to seven days to respond.  If she responds via mail, her reply must be postmarked by the seventh day. If the request or subsequent response falls within the Sissy Period, any response is either outright denied, or considered void upon receipt.

If the request is granted by the Mistress and does not fall within the Sissy Period, the Mistress is to fulfill the request within three days of the sissy receiving her response. The sissy may at no time request, demand, or otherwise question the Mistress on when or how her orgasm will take place.  Doing so will result in the approved request being immediately voided and the sissy prohibited from issuing another request for six months from the date of the void.

Letter Guidelines

  1. All requests must be mailed using the United States Postal Service (USPS).
  2. The request must be hand written on lined 8.5×11 high quality stationary paper and envelope. This paper must be free and clean of any blemishes, unsightly markings, creases, or tears.
  3. The sissy must write using a pink or purple pen.
  4. The letter must be free and clear of any and all grammatical errors.
  5. The letter must be legible and easily readable by the Mistress.
  6. For each time the lowercase letter “i” appears, its dot must be that of a heart.
  7. The letter “i” is not to be topped with a heart for the word “mistress”.
  8. In the letter, the sissy may not explicitly request an orgasm. Rather, she must find a way to express herself in a more dignified, proper manner.
  9. Upon signing the completed letter, the sissy will apply red or pink lipstick and kiss the letter to the right side of her signature. The sissy will also kiss the front left side of the envelop below the address.
  10. The envelope must be addressed to the Mistress’ full legal name and address, with a return label and stamp applied.
  11. The letter shall be mailed from a mailbox other than the home address of the sissy.

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