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  1. Theresa
    6 July 2023

    dress me up, chaste me, teach me to be like you please

  2. Alana
    5 November 2023

    I stumbled on your blog on Tumblr somewhat by accident – the best type of accident – and then on to your website. Both are terrific. I wanted to ask you one question about the maid’s uniform you wear in the Keila French Maid photo set. I have a few nice PVC maid uniforms, but they still do not measure up to what I am looking for as a maid. Regarding the uniform you wear, from the shoes to the PVC bow, where/ from which company you bought that complete outfit down to the shoes? I would love to get the same ensemble. Thank you and I hope that you add more to your website and Tumblr blog soon.

    1. Samantha Twinkle-Cream
      26 November 2023

      All the dresses and shoes are from!

  3. Emma
    10 January 2024

    I can’t wait for your new pictures! I look at your photos every day and they make my tiny sissy clit dribble even more. when I think about playing with you, sometimes I squirt my sissy cream into my panties without touching myself. I would love a sissy friend like you. emma xxx.


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