Who is CleverSissy?

My name is Samantha Twinkle-Cream and I am a sissy!

It started with an interest in women’s panties at a young age. At a time when boys start exploring their sexuality, I quickly found I had a more feminine side within me. Suppressed for a number of years out of shame and embarrassment, it was only in college, when I had the freedom to better express myself, that I was able to come to terms and further understand who I was.

I can’t say when it happened exactly, but at some point I came across pictures of a guy wearing satin and lace panties, and in that moment, it awakened something within me. Deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole I went until I eventually found myself confronted with pictures of boys dressed in what the average person would deem obscene and absurd clothing. Pink satin dresses lined in lace with beautiful petticoats to greatly accentuate the dress. Thigh highs, garters, high heels, the list went on as I’m sure you may may be able to relate. I was overwhelmed with the imagery I saw, and I wanted it all. I wanted to become the best sissy doll I could be. I wanted to become a poster girl for what a sissy is. For years, I yearned to become fully enveloped in all the feelings and sensations this world could provide!

I wanted the outfits, the chastity, the powerful, commanding woman – a mistress I could share my every desire with. I wanted a relationship where I could make my fantasy a reality. However, it would be many, many years before that wish would come true.

Finding a partner who is accepting of the sissy lifestyle is nearly impossible. Nevertheless, I never gave up hope in finding the right woman for me. I didn’t seek her out to fill this need. Rather, I simply found the woman I would eventually call my wife. A wonderfully beautiful and kind lady who I fell head over heels for. Admittedly, I waited too long to share this with her, and it absolutely caused tension in our relationship. But neither of us ever gave up on one another. It hasn’t always been easy for either one of us, and we still have our moments just like any marriage does, but we’re each doing our best to make it work for us.

She has empowered me to be who I am and to further share this side of me with all of you. She is the photographer behind the lens. Virtually every picture you see of me was taken by her masterful eye. She is the other half of CleverSissy, the one behind the scenes, for the most part, that brings my prissy, pathetic pansy self to the forefront for all of you to see.

Samantha Twinkle-Cream, affectionately known as CleverSissy online, is a sissy who is still finding her way through life. I have come a long way so far in this journey of mine, and I have so very far yet to go.

For 2023 I hope to share even more photos and videos with all of you in my endless journey in becoming the best sissy I can be.


  1. Sissy Gabby
    29 April 2023

    Love this, Samantha! You are gorgeous!

  2. dereit
    20 June 2023

    you are wonderful and thanks for sharing your story of life! Fantastic that your wife understand your deep feminine feelings and that you can explore them. And she can be proud you are a gorgeous , beautiful , sexy and clever sissy!

  3. Alana
    11 November 2023

    Samantha, I love all your blogs, but I am curious have you decided not to update your webpage or Tumblr accounts? You are a role-model for all of the sissies out there. I hope that you will start updating again. We miss you. RubberMaid Alana

    1. Samantha Twinkle-Cream
      26 November 2023

      I have been quiet but I am returning! My next photoshoot drops December 31st!


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