Please Daddy

Please, Daddy. Take me.

Make me yours, Daddy. Not just in name, make me yours in every way. Turn me into your pathetic toy, your feminized little play thing, your dream girl. Transform me into the wonderful, prissy little toy you have always wanted. It’s what I have always dreamed to be.

Leave your mark upon me, Daddy. Please. Gently lead me into your world.  Not just any world. Yours. Push me gently, yet ever so firmly into unyielding femininity. Strip me of my male self, not just my clothes, but of my identity. Lay me bare, Daddy, I beg of you. Remove my shirt.  Slip it from my slender frame, taking with it my ego. Remove my pants from my body, with them too will come my innocence. Lastly, Daddy, please remove my boy panties.  Oh please, Daddy, I beg of you!  Please slip them from between my legs. And as you gently tug them from my trembling body, with them will come my control, my masculinity, my modesty, and the last remnants of my former self.

Lay me naked before you, Daddy. Leave me shivering and vulnerable, stripped of everything I call mine, everything the world sees as who I am, or rather, was. For I am something quite different in your hands. You will make me yours. In doing so, you will claim ownership of my being. Please, Daddy, I beg this of you. Take my vulnerability and trust. I submit my body and mind to you, Daddy. Turn me into a rare and wonderful being for you. Turn me into your good girl.

Prepare me to become something else, Daddy. Something entirely new for you. With your washcloth, strip me of the boy I once was. Wash me clean. Make me your blank canvass upon which to repaint an image of the new me, the me you wish to see.

Lock my maleness away, it is no longer needed. Take your key to my sex and keep it from me forever, Daddy. Teach me the ways I should please you.  Make me understand, without question, that I am in service to you. Deny me from my impure thoughts.  I wish to be a good girl now.  Show me that giving is so much more fulfilling than receiving.  I am so weak under your control.

Slide my new satin panties up my legs, wrap my newly chaste clitty in unquestionable femininity. Watch me as I strain in their beauty.  Laugh at me, Daddy.  Laugh at the wet spot I create on my new panties for you, Daddy.  I’m so very lucky to have you.

Encase my long slender legs in silk thigh highs.  Lift my new petticoat around my dainty waist, let my budding breasts expand further, Daddy.  Turn me into a simpering puddle of feminized beauty. Secure my bra behind my back, its tight embrace calms my worries of what will soon come.  Lock my heels in place, they are the pedestal upon which you have placed me. Drape your chosen dress over my head. As I turn away from you, slowly run the zipper up my back and lock it too. Please, please lock me into femininity forever, Daddy. Use me. Let no part of myself resist, let no particle of my being remain untouched by you. Hold me close. I give myself to you, Daddy.  It’s time for the world to see your beautiful creation.

Reshape me into your simpering little pansy, your sissy. Let me hear the word leave your mouth, Daddy. Let there be no mistake of what I will soon become. I am enraptured by the wondrous clicking of my heels, the jingle of my bells, and the smack of your paddle. Train me to be perfect for you, Daddy. Whisper into my ear how pathetic I am.

I want to please you, Daddy. Make me choke on your cock. Please, Daddy, I want to worship you. Teach me, train me, guide me into feminine bliss and oh, I will ascent. I will shiver with breathless joy as you fulfill my destiny.

It’s time, Daddy. Fill my throat with your cock. Wrap your hands around my hips and pull me onto you. I will take it, I will take it all, Daddy. Make me scream as you stretch my virgin pussy for the first time. I have saved my virginity for you. Fill me with you seed. Fill me to claim me as yours, Daddy. I accept.

You know what to do with me, Daddy. You know just what I need. Guide me slowly onto my knees to solidify my fate. Force my warm, wet pussy to embrace your cock. I’m ready for you, Daddy. I’m ready to be your good girl. I belong to you now, Daddy. Never let me go. Promise I am forever your sissy, and in return, I will surrender. I will give myself to you, Daddy, forever and always.

Your loving and obedient girl,

Samantha Twinkle-Cream

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  1. Anotherthrowaway1887
    9 July 2023

    So beautifully written, Samantha


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