A Letter To Mistress

I find myself thinking of you constantly. Whether dreaming of you while I sleep, or daydreaming of our wonderful and magical time spent together. You are a light in a world of dark and gray. A beacon to guide me ever more into what I was truly meant to be. 

Your commanding presence is otherworldly and without compromise. I wish all of humanity could see in you what I do. Your kindness, your love, your grace. You carry yourself with a purpose so few possess. Your character is unabashed and unforgiving, yet gentle and soothing to those who know.

I am so very thankful to call you my Mistress, to be your sissy. Just the other night I was reminded of our special bond, one not shared by the timid, when you guided me to the sunroom that fateful night. You were so firm and resolute in how your carried yourself. So self-assured and poignant in reminding me of my place beneath you, in service to you.

Not a word was spoken by either of us as I was led to the sunroom by you. The sun had just fallen beneath the horizon that electric evening, casting brilliant orange and pink hues across the dimming western skyline. It looked as if the sky itself was ablaze, an inferno of mother nature herself.

I watched with baited breath from the doorway as you opened every window of that sunroom. The cool spring breeze fluttering in as the gentle wind commanded it so. My dress, short as it was, still managed to rustle and tickle my thighs as it did. I would be lying to you if I didn’t say it excited me. For the first time in ages, anyone who dared look inside would see my feminine form. A beautiful sissy sculpted and crafted by your guiding hands. My heart was aflutter and my skin electric with excitement at what was to come.

As I held out my leash, just as you taught me all that time ago, you guided me to the front of your favorite chair in the room. One where we have spent so much time alone before. You took your seat, and guided me to kneel before you like the good girl I am. There, you simply gazed at me in silence for a time, taking in all your magnificent work. I was your prized piece, your trophy, your sissy.

I could only wait with baited breath for your command. Those two words that would begin our love making. I found myself eagerly on edge to express my undying love for you.  I waited for what seemed like an eternity as your laid back into the chair and gazed into the dimly twinkling stars above. Eventually, your legs parted, greeting me with a sight words simply cannot describe. Your beauty, your most intimate form was displayed before me. The exotic woman I call Mistress was once again inviting me to experience her most intimate form. It was my job, my duty, to submit to your carnal desires. I would worship, without remit, my Queen, my Goddess, my Mistress.

It was an honor you bestowed only to me. Only me, your husband, your sissy, would be provided the honor of pleasing your most delicate and intimate form. The fire in the evening sky had long faded by now and been summoned within me. My breath quickened with each passing second as I waited in demure and silent obedience for your consent.

“Kiss me.” It was the only two words you spoke that evening. Two simple words for one transcendental experience. It was a reality so few could ever hope to understand, and fewer still could ever dream of experiencing. That of a sissy kneeling before her Mistress in repose before submitting to your gift of pleasure.

I leaned into you slowly as your hands guided my head ever deeper between your legs. It was here I first smelled you. That beautiful, wonderful smell of a woman lost in desire. You can control nearly every part of your life, but when it comes to sex, it’s our bodies that retain the last word. Mother nature, it seems, controls even the most powerful of us with a steadfast grip.

I hover before your sex momentarily before you lift my chin to gaze upon your beautiful face one last time. Your beautiful brown eyes seem to pierce my soul as I stare back. Indeed, it’s the first time we’ve looked at each other face to face since the last time I found myself in this position beneath you.

You give me a single nod and lay back into the chair as my lips connect with your sex for the first time. You’ve made them so soft and supple for their beauty and pleasure. I kiss and kiss and kiss. Over and over I kiss you with the most gentle, teasing kisses one can manage. In no time, your first moan escapes past your lips and echoes among the birds singing outside the windows you so sinfully opened. You wanted the world to hear your pleasure, and I was determined it would.

I kissed up and down, side to side, and all around you. Your moans and gyrating hips had already driven me mad with lust as my clitty strained inside its cage. I was kept denied as you reveled in unimaginable bliss. It’s a place I humbly accept as your sissy. A place I call home.

It was at this time my tongue penetrated your wonderfully silken folds. Oh how I reveled in first penetration. The way your body reacts to it is unmatched by anything else. Because despite your best efforts, despite the commanding aura you exhibit in daily life, it’s all nothing to my tongue. From the moment I enter you, you are mine, and I am in control.

I lick, suck, flick, and kiss you in an endless shower of love and affection. In no time you’re lost to your own carnal pleasures. It’s where I shine best. Kneeling before you in submissive repose, yet fully in control of your every lustful desire. Your moans muffle as you clench my head between your thighs. You’re getting close now, that much I know. But I don’t want this to end so soon. So I slow down some. Gentle kisses on your inner thighs make you made with lust as your guide my head back into your sex once more where you experience your first orgasm of the night.

I find my head locked tightly between quivering thighs as you convulse around me. Exotic and unabashed screams and moans of pleasure erupt from within you and echo about outside. For a brief moment, mother nature goes abruptly silent as the birds, crickets, and other wildlife silence themselves for you. Just as quickly though, you return with more sexual deviance as my tongue continues unabridged within you.

Yes, you are lost to me. A sweaty, trembling, moaning mess of your typical self. Fully unaware, fully lost to the pleasure, my pleasure.

You come again, and again, and again as the night draws old. As I pull away for a momentary pause, I am once again reminded of my place as you quickly pull me back in. Despite what I may otherwise think, you are still very much in control. You always are.  I am your toy, your sissy. I exist to serve you, worship you, obey you, and so I do.

I obey your unspoken command to continue as another orgasm reverberates through your body and into mine. I continue to caress your sex as I had been instructed. I am yours, Mistress. I am your sissy.

What seems to be ages goes by. My tongue and lips are sore now from their workout. My face completely covered in a mix of saliva and your own sex. But eventually, you pull me away for good and recompose yourself.

You leave me kneeling before you as you stand to fix your skirt and leave the room without another word spoken, leaving me to take in all thats transpired this eventful evening alone.

As I close the windows in your absence, the sounds of mother nature also subside. And as I make my way towards to bathroom to clean myself, I can only think about what it may be like to experience such an intense release of pleasure and carnal desires. You do not permit me to cum like a real man. Maybe some day you say, but that day it not today. Rather, I have released the only way you allow me. My panties are wet and damp of my own doing. I have cum vicariously through you. Just as you wish. Just as you so graciously allow. You may never allow me the powerful mind and body orgasm I so wish I could experience, and I want you to know that I accept my denial. I accept that I serve you unconditionally. So until then, I will continue to serve you in whatever way you so desire. I will be your faithful, obedient, and loving sissy forever, Mistress.

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